A Day In The Life Of Rehab

When you enter rehab because of drugs and alcohol, your days will be similar to each other, at least until you get to a point where you aren’t reliant on the substances. Rehabilitation services in St. Petersburg often involve talking to a doctor or counselor in order to determine why you are using the substances. There are some centers that separate genders so that women and men are kept in their own housing units, and there are some centers that are only for either men or women.

You will receive meals while you are at the rehab center, and there will be a time when you can have visitors. If you show that you are no longer dependent on the substances, then you will likely be able to gradually spend time away from the center. Classes are offered at rehab centers so that you can learn a new skill, continue your education if you are in high school or earn a certificate if you are there long enough. Some of the classes that you can take include parenting, financial responsibility and how to deal with saying no to substances. You can also partake in some of the activities that are offered that are more in the way of fun than learning, such as hiking, crafts or swimming.

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