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When the flu, strep throat and other illnesses are running through a city, you want to be able to be tested and get a rapid response as soon as possible. Most doctor’s offices have ways of testing patients who suspect that they have an illness with the results being available in a matter of minutes. There are some illnesses that require antibiotics, and if you don’t know that you have that illness, then you aren’t able to get the proper medications.

As soon as you arrive at the doctor’s office, you will likely inform the nurse of your symptoms. When the doctor examines you and learns of the symptoms you are experiencing, a rapid test can be given that can detect a variety of illnesses. Some tests take longer to get back than others. When you know that you have the flu or another contagious illness, you can decrease the use of antibiotics as well as help control the spread of the infection through the home or areas of town where you might visit. A rapid test can also help reduce the cost of other treatments and tests that might need to be run by the doctor’s office if you were to wait to seek treatment. Learn more about the tests by talking to your doctor.

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