Top 5 ways to resist the temptation of smoking

How Can You Resist the Urge to Light Up a Tobacco?

The idea of puffing on that expensive Insignia or Benson & Hedges might seem glamorous. But what you don’t know is that it could make you very sick or even kill you.

Aware of the negative effects yet not familiar with the specifics? Well, then, have a look at these figures.

  • It causes more deaths every year than alcohol and illegal drug use, HIV, firearm-related incidents and vehicle injuries.
  • It kills around half of its users.
  • It kills almost 6 million per year, and this figure is expected to increase to over 8 million by 2030.
  • It affects non-users as well due to second-hand smoke.

They sound alarming, right? And they aren’t even exhaustive. Imagine the bad news that come with tobacco manufacture and use.

Stop smoking before it stops you

Image Credit:Mykl Roventine, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

You may already understand the health risks but find it hard to quit. Don’t worry, kicking the habit is only as difficult as you imagine it to be. If you have self-discipline and the motivation to follow these tips, you’ll be able to go nicotine-free permanently.

  1. Change your perception

Changing your lifestyle for the better always starts with positive thinking. So, tell yourself that you’re going to be successful. And then…

  1. Come up with a goal

Don’t focus on the destination. Instead, set your sights on what you’ll get at the end of the journey—good health. Have a goal, such as five sticks less in a week, to be more specific with your strategies.

  1. Switch to a healthier diet

What you eat could be the reason you’re craving for tobacco after meals. Burgers, steaks and other meat dishes make smoking more satisfying, which is why you probably can’t stop.

So, change this diet to fruits, veggies and other nutrient-packed foods to ruin the taste of cigarette. Besides, the latter benefit you more than highly processed food.

Similarly, switch to healthier drinks. Replace cola and alcoholic beverages with water and fruit juice. Limit coffee intake as well, because it has the same effect as meat. If you can’t go without a cuppa in a day, stick to one cup. And if you still want an energy boost while working, drink water instead. Or, stand up to stretch and take a walk. Remember that you don’t always need caffeine to stay awake.

  1. Keep your mouth busy

This goes beyond talking. Given that you can’t converse with someone all the time, look for alternatives. Gum, lozenges and candies are good options, but look for sugar-free options to prevent ruining your teeth.

You can also look for the best e-cigarette brand in Australia. It doesn’t contain tar and other harmful compounds usually found in tobacco. What’s more, it doesn’t emit cancer-causing smoke, which means it won’t affect you or people nearby. As a tip, find a starter kit—perfect for beginners—because this comes with the essentials at a lesser price.

  1. Find diversions

Do you know that most cravings only last for 5-15 minutes? This means you can get past that sudden urge to have a puff. And the best method is to do something that’ll take your mind off smoking.

Think about the things or activities that engross you so much. Reading or crossword puzzles perhaps? How about movies or music? Could it be your favourite game?

According to some studies, exercise—even if it’s as simple as a 5-minute walk or stretching—is also an effective diversion. During the period of activity, the brain produces chemicals that help curb nicotine craving.

What do you think; will you be successful at quitting this time? Just put your mind into it and you can stop smoking for good.

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