Utilizing Tele-medicine is a Smart Idea

Telemedicine is an ingenious invention of technology, and it began about half a century ago, when rural-located hospitals and offices were in need of a way to quickly exchange communications and correspondence with larger medical facilities. Today, telehealth communication technology is used to make it easy for doctors and other medical professionals to provide medical care to patients who are unable to or prefer not to leave their homes.

Why choose telehealth over in-person office visits? From a patient’s perspective, you’ll save time, money, and potential exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses that could make you ill. Plus, you may find that especially if you a self-paying patient, these tele-health “visits” are much cheaper, since there is no paperwork or in-office visits to coordinate. And from a physician’s perspective, you’ll be able to greatly clear up and consolidate your schedule by opting to meet with patients to discuss basic ailments (such as sore throats, sprained ankles, and low-grade fevers) over the phone or online. After all, is it really necessary to bring a patient in, reserve an office examination room, and spend 45 minutes to simply discuss a sore back and send a prescription for a muscle relaxant to the patient’s pharmacy? This could all be done in a third of the time on the phone or even online.

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