What In Soy Is Causing Danger

Sudden publicity for soy is through internet articles and media programs. Soy protein was given high value and almost in all families included it as a major portion of meal. Do they know the fact about it? No, they just believed articles and media. Science is beyond all beliefs and lab test conducted on soy has proved it to be extremely harmful for health. It contains compounds that are usually found in food supplements used for body building. These are artificial and synthesized compounds included in food supplements for quick weight and muscle gain. Same multiple compounds are present in soy, which millions of people consuming it with great interest.

Phytic acid after entering into the body prevents the body from absorbing minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, iron and calcium. Cooked soy also contains this compound because cooking even at high pressure can’t destroy this compound. Children are affected much as it restricts growth hormones. Trypsin inhibitors block enzymes called trypsin, which plays vital role in digesting proteins. This leads to many gastro-intestinal issues as natural protein is not getting absorbed in the body. Phytoestrogens cause breast cancer by disrupting the functions of endocrine gland. It may also cause sexual problems in men and infertility in women. Aluminum is the main compound in causing Alzheimer’s or some other neurological disorders. Haemagglutinin is a substance leads to blood clotting, leading to stress and heart strokes.

Breaking the myth

For what all the health reasons soy was boosted to be good and nutritious, it has been spelled bad for all those. People should understand that it is their misconception and better to realize the fact at the earliest. All soy disciples should skip it in meal and destroy positive stories about it. In this case earlier the better. For more information about it, one can visit the website weightlosstop.com help others too in this regard.

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